Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Things You See In Arabia ....

Here is a little collection of pics that are, well ... hard to explain to anyone who doesn't live in Arabia. For those of us who live here in the land of the sand, this comes as no surprise...

Car Wash .. never mind that salt water creates rust.. no  broblem.

This takes "head & shoulders" to a whole new level

Blease bass me the baint. ... why have PAINT when you can have BAINT.

Well.. what do i say....

Pretty self explanatory really...

10 lanes of traffic .. also note the tree in the middle of the road

Number plate in English 97569 and in Arabic 97596

All I can do is giggle!

“Attention from Restaurant
The restaurant is not open because it is closed"

This sign board says that you cannot dance if you are single! You have to be with your partner in order to dance.

It’s an ad from this small falafel shop! Here is the translation:
Revolution in ‘FALAFIL’ world
The latest state of the art
Our new invention
Bean(fool in Arabic) Sandwich!!!!!!”
It’s like the latest revolution in cars …. check out this motor cycle!
Hairdresser?? Sayy whaaaaaaat..... “Moonlike”  hairdressing,  beauty salon and ‘Henna’ painting!! As you can see it’s a normal grocery! It’s hard to explain!

SDIDSA .... like ADIDAS but better.

Hmmm... It doesnt look like a phone....

For "BARTYS" ... not Party!!

Just like V.I.P .. only waaay better!!

I guess i will just park my elephant here

In English the plate says 44989 and in Arabic it says 44898


DANGER... well that's Awkward.

Just another day on the Jet-ski

Bad space available .... 300 bad spaces available actually!

I think i will give this one a miss....

Errmm...... Gang Massage.. thats gonna end badly.....

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  1. OOOOOOh my Lord!I nearly woke up my who bldg while laughing at these.Specially the "Gang Massage