Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Know You Are In Dubai When

1.       For the most authentic shopping experience you go to KARAMA .. not Dubai Mall.
2.       Khassi = Bullsh*t,  Aween= no way,  Vtec = Nissan patrol
3.       Burj Al Arab, Metro, computer are also drinks at cafeterias
4.       If you drive a small Japanese car then don’t bother approaching a girl
5.       You are not shocked to see a Ferrari parked outside a cafeteria
6.       You are not a local unless you SWIM in perfume before you leave the house
7.       Having a Nikon or a cannon makes you a professional photographer
8.       You will probably hear the name Yousef Radha a lot, no he isn’t a famous person, it’s the name of a tobacco store
9.       All of your friends names are: abood, hamood, rashood, mayood, khaloood
10.   You automatically switch to local Emirati accent when talking to the police
11.   Every Philipino guy you know calls you my “my priend” … or … “yes ma’am siiiiiiiiiir”
12.   Its totally normal to wear your sunglass inside a mall … at night.
13.   A sentence is incomplete is if doesn’t have “sah” or “wallah” or “y3nii”
14.   We have numbers to replace letters  “9a7” 

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  1. This is quite funny. I love reading your post. Nice one there.