Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Quick Visit to Abu Dhabi

This Friday I went to visit a good friend of mine in her home town of Abu Dhabi. It was such a great weekend and the weather was amazing. Al7amdallah.

We prayed Al Jum3a Prayer in Sheik Zayed Mosque

It was a prefect day, al7amdallah, and the Mosque was breathtaking

It fills my heart with joy to see soo many brothers and sisters at the Mosque for Friday prayer

Its great to see small kids here, and everyone is smiling

Perfect day, perfect weather. Al7amdallah for everything


We went and had a look at Emirates Palace. Its such a nice building and really beautiful inside. 

Emirates Palace, ceiling in the main lobby.

Emirates Palace

Main Lobby

The girls loved the Gold ATM.

The gold from the ATM.

Such a beautiful day and a beautiful location

Khalifa is soo cute. Mashallah.

He has so much energy Mashallah.

Sooo many stairs! I needed ice cream after this!

We went to visit a really nice exhibition in Emirates Palace

Khalifa before he tried to remove the boat from the water! LOL.

After leaving emirates palace we went to the Corniche to have a walk around in the great weather and enjoy some much needed ice cream! 

The day was just perfect! al7amdallah

Khalifa, mashallah, sooo cuute!!

Eman was telling me that she has done this before! I would be soo scared. Yikes.

Volley ball competition was taking place!

Stroll along the Corniche

Khalifa showing off his amazing handstand skills. Soo talented. Mashallah.

This beautiful Mosque just accross from the Corniche. Time for Asr prayer! 

After leaving the corniche we went to Emans family home and had tea and mangoes with her mother and sisters. Mashallah such and amazing family. May Allah bless them all. It was so kind of them to have me stay over for the weekend. Such a beautiful family. Mashallah. Thanks Eman for a great weekend.

Peace Out Khalifa!!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day that time. You seemed to enjoy your strolling around there.


  2. When you entered the mosque, you will really be awed and amazed at the grandness of it. It really is amazing just to be in there.

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