Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Road Signs

So I was driving home last night along Sheik Zayed Road when I noticed something that I had never paid much attention to before… the speed cameras, and how we all slam on our breaks when we know that a speed camera is coming up… and we suddenly start following the road rules when we can see police near us.
This got me thinking about rules and about how we follow them when we know there is an imminent threat. But blindly ignore them the rest of the time.
So why are we afraid of a speed camera but we are not afraid of Allah. Why do we follow the rules of the road but we don’t follow the rules of the Holy Quran?
Unlike the speed camera, and unlike the police, we can’t see the angels recording our good and bad deeds so we often forget to follow the rules.  

.. Just a little thought for the day. 

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