Sunday, May 15, 2011

Understand Quran the Easy Way

Salaam Alaikum w Rahmatulahi w Barakatuhu

This weekend i was lucky enough, Alhamdallah, to participate in a course called "Understand the Quran the Easy Way". It was a great course that provided non Arabic speakers an insight into the beautiful language of the Holy Quran. The course went for a total of 9 hours spread over 2 days. It was a complete sell out, and Inshallah we all learnt something new.

Our swanky new pen .. I lost mine after about 5 mins. Maybe Shireen took it.

Dr. Abdul Azeez is really well educated and such a great teacher, MashAllah.

Our Amazing workbook, this book is priceless.

The auditorium filled up really quickly, it was over full, with over 1,000 people attending.

My notes.

Further details and information can be found on the website:

May Allah grant us all guidance.

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