Thursday, May 5, 2011

What friends are for

Salam alaikom!

Every now and again, people shock us.. Some times in a good way and some times in bad way.. Today i had both... the first was a bad shock, from a "friend" back home, who i have known for about 4 years...

The conversation is as follows:

[11:11:57 AM] A**** (mobile): Oy
[11:12:31 AM] {-AmInA-}: yo
[11:13:42 AM] {-AmInA-}: wats up
[11:15:50 AM] A**** (mobile): Just thought I let you know, that I don't think our friendship is working out   for me... I don't like how you have changed and I find it scary
[11:16:19 AM] {-AmInA-}: ok no problems
[11:16:29 AM] A**** (mobile): By
[11:16:33 AM] {-AmInA-}: see ya
[11:16:39 AM] A**** (mobile): Bye

So here i was thinking "wow" .. umm ok ,, was that really necessary?  And i don't know, maybe it was necessary for him to get that off his chest.. only he knows.

So with tears in my little eyes, I turn where every girl turns in her time of need .. (and no,I am not talking about the box of chocolates) .. I'm talking about your best friends! And in this case, her name is Rachii.

She came back with the most amazing words i have read in a long time, and I guess that they ring true for soo many situations that many of us face!

Her wise words are below:

"Scary" is what children call the shadows that they see outside at night time. Then as the years unfold, they to grow older and come to realise that shadows are just tricks playing underneath the moonlight and it is mostly their own imaginations that scared them so.

Words are just words. Always remember that.

Most people will never be worth your time in the long run, but by passing through your life, each person teaches you something about the world and about yourself. That's why I cannot hate anybody anymore. Not even those who have been so cruel to me over the years, because they have taught me strength and grace. I am who I am today because of every person I have crossed paths with. 
Wise Words from a Dear Friend

God Bless you Rachii  xoxox


  1. That's sad. But, so true. I've had to accept this same fact many times over, it's hard, but you learn to live life realising that sometimes people don't stick around and that's ok. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Some teach us lessons, some serve a purpose (most of the time we are unaware of what need they were fulfilling, but realise it later). You are who you are. Some people can accept it, some can't. But, no matter what you deserve only the best because you are the best!