Sunday, May 8, 2011

You Know You Are A Dubai Resident When...

I received this great little message over the weekend, funny but in so many ways its true as well.

You Know You Are A Dubai Resident When:

1. You can make you way around some of the worlds largest shopping malls without needing a map!

2. You think "Ski Dubai" is a perfectly normal concept

3. Seeing a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is an everyday occurance

4. Guys standing around in malls trying to pick up girls, any girls, all girls, and they don't give up, even when they are rejected 100 times

5. Walking around a mall and having a guy follow you saying "sifr humsa sifr ........" is totally normal

6. Wearing colorful Kanoorahs, looking like Tele-Tubbies is considered cool.

7. Seeing girls trying to be "Modest" in their open abayas, skinny jeans, massive heels, fluro make up, bright nail polish .... then acting shy and giggling if a guy looks at them

8. Shorts and tank tops cannot be worn without being stared at or being asked to leave the mall

9. Ten-year-olds walking around with blackberry's and 1000 dhs in their wallet

10. You tell someone in your home country that you are living in the UAE and they are either impressed or worried for your safety because they "heard that there is bombs in the Middle East"

11. You have friends from 10 different countries

12. You have never walked to school

13. Having fun during the weekends consists of laying on the beach and spending money at the malls, going to the beach again, spending more money at the malls... and maybe cruising Jumiera Rd.

14. 80% of your classmates planned to go to the USA, England, Canada or Australia for University

15. You can recite the recorded Arabic welcome message from the RTA taxi service, word for word and in a flawless accent

16. You have forgotten how to fill up your car with petrol

17. You cant recall the last time you walked more then 100metres in one go

18. You look around the lobby of a 5 star hotel and yawn

19. You need both hands to count all the international music acts you have seen this year

20. Al Mallah / Al Hallab or at least one Lebanese eatery is on speed dial in your mobile

21. You know that "reputation" is just a word, and has already been decided for you because of your passport, not your actions

22. You know that Dubai is an attitude, not just a city.

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