Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures of Aisha - Part 1...

Ok so right from day one we were taught a few things about life and the way we should treat each other, what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable… but too often throughout the rest of our lives we are shown time and again that looks can be deceiving and people don’t always tell the truth.

Take for example for my dear Muslimah friend, lets call her Aisha*. She met a lovely young man at the mall one day and they quickly hit it off, in the most “halal” way possible. Aisha* was straight forward and honest with Mohammed* and told him that she wasn’t interested in dating, as it was against Islam. (hats off to her) .. so right from the get-go they had set the tone for their relationship… 

Upon conferring with a few friends Aisha* decided it was strange that Mohammed* was of a certain age and claimed to be unmarried, so as any inquisitive girl would do, she questioned him, straight to his face, and straight to the point:
Aisha*: Mohammed, are you married?
Mohammed*: Wallah 7abibty I am NOT married, (insert a lot of hand gestures here)… ok ok ok, I was married but wallah I am divorced now and y3nii mafee mushkila, we had no kids so y3nii I am free man .. (insert more hand gestures here).
Aisha*: okay, great, thanks for your honesty

CASE CLOSED… or so we thought, throughout the coming days and weeks Mohammed* started to ask weird “hypothetical” questions about how she would feel if the man she was with already had a wife … I know right.. ALARM BELLS. 

So its no surprise that just a few days later, the man that was waving his arms around with crazy hand gestures and saying “wallah, y3nii, wallah”  did finally confess to actually being married…. WTF. 

That got me thinking… WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLES MORAL COMPASS … Why is it that some of us have no objections to starting “fake lives” with fake promises and fake hopes? And how bad do things have to get at home before you start going around telling “wallah y3nii I am not married” ….


  1. Oh babes!i truly feel for Aicha*.

    Love your blog,gonna read it everyday inchAllah.

  2. Yeah, me too Wallah, i just dont understand why you would be getting "involved" with someone when you have a wife at home. I feel so sorry for both of the women involved. :-(

  3. Question: If it is against Islam to 'date' to people in the Islam faith end up married? Do they have arranged marriages?

  4. yeah Kirsty it is not allowed to date in Islam because of gender segregation and "dating" in the Muslim world is far different from dating in the Western world.