Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Purchases from Kinkokuniya

Salam Alaykom wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuhu,

I got some really good books on the weekend, they were all really inexpensive but the knowledge i have got from them is priceless!!

It took soooo long for me to choose the books that i wanted, i had to take a seat on the floor!!
Shireen took this opportunity to take photos of me and yell at me to get off the ground... Meanwhile we lose Eman as she looks for books on Rabbits...

( No, that is NOT a book on how to be a NINJA .. as one of my Aussie friends soo smartly asked! )

You can be the happiest woman in the world, is such a nice book! I think that all Muslim babes should have a copy!


                                                    HAPPY READING EVERYONE


  1. haha, im soo sorry, but seriously, i wanted to sit in the Islam section and read read read.. you forgot that i am "oppressed" and totally used to sitting on the floor!!

  2. "Al-Gheebah -- Backbiting" is a great choice! it's one of the most interesting (not to do! but learn and avoid...hehe)

    Allah hua AlRahman alRaheem alGhfour alWadood (all merciful and all forgiving). on the day of judgement, Allah may choose to forgive for the most heinous sins and wrong doings, all except "7aq al 3ibad" (the rights of people). one the rights is debt (monitary or otherwise), what's owed has to be either forgiven by said person or returned in the form of hasanat (good deeds). the other form is gheebah, any hurtful/wrongful comments or remarks said in a person's back is considered like debt at the day of judgement. if said person does not forgive the offender, hasanat is subtracted from the offender's balance and deposited in the person's balance. if the offender runs out of hasanat, sayyi2at (bad deeds) are subtracted from said person's balance and deposited in the offender's.

    It is quite shocking how many people engage in backbiting (knowingly and unknowingly) and its extent and frequency. I ask that Allah grant us the will and the patience to avoid such acts.

    May Allah bless you Amina!