Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Misused Inshallah

AAAAaaaarrgghhhh ( that’s me becoming the incredible hulk, and running around squishing people).

Ok, so what happened to the “good old days” where people just did what they said they were going to do… those days seem to be loooong long gone.. and im not even really old enough to use phrases such as “ long long time ago” or “good old days”… but seriously, what the HECK is going on… 

I just cant stand it when people say “yes” when they mean “no” … or if they have no idea. Don’t tell me  “ yes, its ready for your collection” .. when you actually mean .. “no” .. or “I don’t know” .. or “im too lazy too look” .. OR ……. “INSHALLAH…”    

Inshallah literally means “God willing”, and it’s a term that is frequently used between Muslims as a positive thing… If for example, someone is asked to do something and they reply with “Inshallah”, it’s a promise that they will do their very best to complete the task, and its only if Allah wills otherwise, and something happens to them that they wont be able to deliver the promise. 

Never the less “Inshallah” has become widely misused to portray something completely opposite!! .. more like a promise NOT to do something. In the working environment here in the UAE, where Mulisms and non Muslims, and soo many nationalities and cultures mix, “Inshallah” has almost attracted a negative sound to it. The saying is to often used and abuse by expats, locals, Muslims and non Muslims… Everyone Actually. 

Take this example of misused “Inshallah” ..

Me speaking to the visa department…

Me: does a person with a French passport need a business Visa when entering the UAE for business related purposes?

Other Person:  INSHALLAH 

Me: umm okay, so that doesn’t help me at all.. do they need it or not?

Other Person: INSHALLAH 

Me: hmm… ok so how much does this visa cost?

Other Person: im not really sure


Me: hmm.. ok, could please find out? 

Other Person: no ma’am sir, my boss is gone for the day, maybe call back another day.

Me: banging head on the desk!!  Maybe tomorrow then?

Other person: INSHALLAH

                                      Deeeep Breath.. breathe in, breathe out!!

                                                     Ok, rant is over for the day!! 

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