Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Love Having Guests

If there is one thing i love, its having people come to visit me in Dubai. I love playing the "tour guide" and showing them around this beautiful city that I call home.

Eman recently had a guest come from Finland, Essi,  and we had the best time taking her around town to see all of the things that Dubai has to offer. 

We took Essi horse riding, and Eman adopted a pet dog, we named him Lucky!

That's me riding Ninja Style. Al7amdalla my horse was really behaved... and i didn't fall off!

Eman is already carrying Lucky the puppy and thinking of ways to adopt him. In the end they just gave him to us. 
We showed Essi "Ski Dubai" .. I am sure she has seen snow before, she does come from Finland.. but snow INSIDE a mall was definitely a new thing!!

Essi bought a few last minute things from the "White Company" .. this shop hurts my eyes, its so bright!! 

A group of us met for a late lunch at Lime Tree Cafe. The weather is just perfect for sitting outside. 

Eman said "act natural" then Lucie just bursts out laughing, it was hilarioaus .. because that was totally NOT natural.LoL.       

It was sad to see another visitor leave, but inshallah we will have more visitors soon and we can do it all over again!

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